Terminal 4, Changi Airport

Indoor and outdoor landscape spaces, for Terminal 4 at Singapore’s acclaimed Changi airport

The latest addition to Changi Airport is Terminal 4 (T4), an elegant grouping of buildings with an innovative and passenger-centric design, all set in an attractive landscape. Opened in 2017, T4 exemplifies efficiency, offering a seamless travel experience from check-in to departure, and from arrival to exit. As you arrive off the highway, you pass through a verdant setting of trees, shrubberies and lawns which sprawl out well beyond the buildings to create a park-like approach.  On your way to the departure level by car, you will pass two large decorative green-walls, and cascading greenery screening the car park building, with trees scattered liberally in all spaces between roads.

The interior is well furnished with indoor landscape features and spaces, with cosy sitting areas surrounded by greenery, large planters with full sized trees, artworks surrounded by plants and green-wall features and planters scattered here and there. Altogether, in the airport, wherever you go, you will encounter inviting and visually captivating landscaped spaces. T4 showcases Singapore’s provision of world-class buildings and systems with landscapes that percolate into every part of the public environment.







SLAA Gold, 2019
President's Design Award, Design of the Year, 2018
BCA Universal Design Mark Platinum, 2018
Singapore Good Design Mark Platinum, 2018
BCA Green Mark Gold+, 2015