SICC Millennium Golf Course

A new riparian waterscape between re-formed fairways of the SICC golf course was created

New Millennium Golf Course, with its meticulously manicured fairways and scenic water hazards, is a golfer’s paradise. The intent was to use the folded landform to create a river-like water-body, flowing down the sloping terrain in stepped pools and cascades. Whilst this is a man-made feature, the intent was to emulate natural streams and stream banks, cascades at level changes, and with pathways integrated to give the impression of the feature being a natural one that was always here.

Whilst such designs are known to be man-made, the designer is working to make this place look and feel like the real thing, where Golfers can bask in a truly satisfying environment that feels just right, and instils a sense of good mood. Cascading water is always such a stimulant, and much work was done by the Contractors to get the rockwork and water flows to appear and sound like the genuine article.  The planting also was chosen and positioned to get the most authentic look and feel. This included the true-ground planting of trees and shrubs around the perimeters and the rich aquatic planting in the water itself.