268 Orchard Road Glasshouse Garden

An indoor glasshouse with office-like functions

The Citi Wealth Hub comprises three floors of interior gardens and roof decks, offering a beneficial biophilic and relaxing experience for the Bank’s personnel and their customers. The main floor is indeed a glasshouse. Previously built, but never used, as a retail store, the walls and roof are entirely glass, letting in plenty of light, sufficient for the growing of plants. The space is well air-conditioned to cope with the high day-temperatures for human comfort. For plant selection, there are many plants that can span the tropics to the subtropics and high altitudes, so the plant palette was based on those that tolerate a combination of moderate light levels, cool temperatures and low humidity. There was no provision for drainage, so all planting was “soil-less”, using Hydroponic growing systems. A detailed maintenance plan was evolved to ensure optimum plant quality without disturbing Bank operations.

The work was done in very close collaboration of Interior Designers, Ministry of Design. Together, all the technical issues were solved allowing us to focus on design and maximising the combination of exquisite interior and landscape design, and the work of excellent construction and landscape contractors.







SIA Architectural Design Awards, Design of the Year, 2021