Resorts World Sentosa

The fantasy world of a major Theme Park needs convincing landscapes for each story

Universal Studios Singapore is an exhilarating world of much-loved stories located on Sentosa.  When the entire park of many stories is made into a physical place, it needs a landscape that makes each space look and feel authentic, while offering shade to wide walkways, and a sense of it all having been there for a long time.

ICN’s job was to design and install the landscape for the entire Theme Park, such as Parts of screening the “back of house” so it cannot be seen. Each story’s landscape had to be complete in itself, but also connected to the next story. To add to this, the entire Theme Park sits on top of the Resorts World car park, so the many mighty trees needed for the stories, had to be planted in huge soil bodies that sit on a concrete slab: there were jungles to be planted.

At the time of opening, the effect was fully achieved, and no-one could know it had only just been planted. To make sure, the many trees and palms, including Date Palms from Egypt, were prepared in a Nursery two years before the grand opening.







SLAA Gold Plus, 2010