Festive Hotel

The original Festive Hotel is transformed into the stylish ORA, with newly refreshed gardens

The Festive Hotel faces the edge of the existing Imbiah Forest, so the new landscape concept is to integrate the forest atmosphere with the almost natural garden frontage. We used rich colours and textures of shrubs, ferns and herbaceous plants to create a special identity to the lobby level garden surrounds.  Existing trees and palms are retained unless in poor condition, The entire building is built on top of the basement, so all gardens are roof gardens.

The Swimming Pool deck is one storey up, and this was 80% renewed. All the hardscape finishes were changed, but several parts of the original landscape (done by ICN) were retained, especially large trees that provide good shade and screening. The concept is to bring a Mediterranean atmosphere into this equatorial garden, using interesting foliage colours and textures, with a blue-green emphasis and bright flowers for areas under full sun. The retention of two attractive Pavilions and very good trees has given the pool gardens a pleasant, congenial atmosphere.

The newly transformed Festive Hotel offers a delightful escape for families, vacationers and business people attending conferences and coming to Singapore for work.







BCA Green Mark Award, Gold Plus, 2011