Hard Rock Hotel

This large exotic roof garden has huge pools, real sand beaches and palm fringed gardens

Apart from the entry driveways to the hotel and the colourful garden where the Hard Rock giant Guitar is located, (all built on a 4 storeys structure below) this ambitious project positioned the entre 100 metre diameter circular swimming pool zone on top of the column- free Ballroom below. This was a real feat of engineering and integration, with the loads of very heavy water and soil.

The concept was to make several informal swimming and splash pools with kids’ areas and real sandy beaches, all set in abundant planting areas with lots of coconuts and seaside trees. There is also a 50metre lap pool and a beach bar, with several Cabanas on one side.

The construction of this enormous roof garden was a remarkable exercise and it is thanks to teamwork with the Architect, Engineers, Landscape Architect and a good Main Contractor and Landscape Contractor, that the end result worked so well.

It is a rule of doing good roof gardens, that the visitor or resident must not have any feeling that they are standing or sunbathing on a roof. We believe this was successfully achieved at the Hard Rock Hotel.







BCA Green Mark Award, Gold Plus, 2011