Sentosa Nature Discovery

An appraisal of Ecotourism potential on Sentosa and to set up Nature Trails’

This initiative delved into the unusually rich ecosystems on Sentosa, with its two densely forested hills connecting green wildlife corridors, as well as areas of unspoiled seacoast. The intent was to achieve nature conservation, and make this part of the island’s attractions. The Sentosa Ecotourism Study explores how the delicate balance between development and ecological conservation can be harmonised to make the most of both. Then, nature becomes a tourist attraction with visitors being introduced to, learning about and exploring the nature of Sentosa.

From this, Sentosa Nature Discovery (SND) emerged, and became real at Mount Imbiah, the western forested hill. ICN with Timur Design Architects, designed and oversaw the construction of the SND, which was based at the old Mount Imbiah Monorail Station. This was refurbished to include exhibits and class-rooms for group visitors, often large numbers of school children. From here a new canopy walk was built to link to the hill, constructed on the old monorail structure. The existing Imbiah path was upgraded in a natural way, with new woodland planting, and paths leading to the top of the hill, where a lookout tower was built, facing out to sea, like the old WW2 gun emplacements.







SLAA Gold, 2009