Southern Islands

Plan and execute the greening plans of the newly reclaimed Southern Islands land

The Southern Islands of Renget and Lazarus were joined together by sea walls and reclaimed land, linked by causeway to St John’s Island. The purpose was to plant up the bare reclaimed ground, create an 800m long sandy beach, and blend this newly formed woodland with the richly-forested Lazarus Island. Being offshore, all logistics were by boat and barge.

Once completed, the new island would take new tourism-based developments, with an established tree cover, a fully-fledged beach park, walking and cycling trails, boat jetty, salt water lagoons with a genuine conserved forest backdrop. All of was to become a resort in the style of Porte Grimaud in the south of France.

ICN came on board while the land reclamation was under way, and began to implement the plans. Firstly we created the new beach park and its “back of beach” facilities. Landscape contractors worked area by area as land became available, which took three years and three contracts to complete. To date, with no significant development, the island’s greenery has established well. The connected island is now popular with people who want to head for a remote and peaceful destination.







SLAA Gold, 2007