Wilmar Headquarters

A flowing organic building with 6 levels of landscape gardens linked to One North Park

The Client stated that he wanted his office building to look like a resort, and we delivered just that, working with visionary Architect, Eric Parry. The idea was to absorb the building into the landscape of the property, and adjacent Park. The significant level changes across park and Wilmar lot were not an inhibition but an opportunity to create intricate networks of paths, steps, ramps, plaza spaces and cascading terrain, resulting in a series of rocky waterfalls and ponds, with luxuriant planting everywhere.

ICN was fortunate to design and execute the One North Park lot and the Wilmar lot, so the connection between the two became seamless, and fully open to the public.

Each roof garden is different, with Level 4’s large gardens, social spaces, lotus ponds and exotic planting adjacent to the canteen. Level 5 is a break-out space for office staff with shaded sitting areas and greenery. Level 6 is the executive office’s balconies, designed as Chinese Gardens with ponds, waterfalls, and rich planting. Level 7 is the roof with a walking/jogging circuit amidst landscape roof gardens and climbing vines that hide MEP compounds.







SLAA Silver, 2022