The Interlace

Award winning urban residential development presenting a radical stacked village with multi-level landscape spaces.

The Interlace stands as an architectural masterpiece that defies convention. A stunning residential complex, it reimagines urban living with its innovative design. Seventeen sprawling blocks of apartments are artfully stacked in a striking, cascading formation, creating a series of interconnected terraces and gardens. This unique layout fosters a sense of community and green living, with lush foliage adorning every corner. The Interlace’s avant-garde aesthetics blend seamlessly with its eco-conscious ethos, offering residents an unconventional yet harmonious urban experience. It represents Singapore’s commitment to sustainable, contemporary living, making it an iconic landmark on the city’s skyline.







SLAA Merit, 2019
Wold Architecture Festival Awards, World Building of the Year, 2015
International Architecture Awards, Best New Architecture, 2015
FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards Silver, 2015
Skyrise Greenery Excellence Award, 2015
BCA Construction Excellence Award, 2015
PUB ABC Waters Certification, 2014
BCA Universal Design Mark Platinum, 2014
LEAF, 2013
BCA Green Mark Gold+, 2010