‘Landscape’ is the whole physical sphere in which all our daily activities; social, economic and community take place. So landscape is much more than simply trees. It is the roads you travel each morning to work, the plaza where you sit for coffee. Wild coastlines and tidal mangroves, as well as stunning resorts. Rainforests as well as city parks, playgrounds and education campuses. Treatment plants as well as streetscapes, malls and gardens too. In fact everywhere is part of some ‘landscape’, because the visual world has no boundaries,

This is why as Landscape Architects we seek to shape for better all the places we live. Places that will sustain our physical and social lives. To think slightly differently about the designing the physical environment, we’ve highlighted six ways in which ‘landscape’ sustains and enriches people’s lives;

  • Landscapes for people     
  • Landscapes for cities   
  • Landscape for living
  • Landscapes for leisure
  • Landscapes in nature
  • Landscape for learning

We profile our work across all these areas to showcase the different approaches that are possible. Tailoring landscape to your needs and aspirations, for people in cities and in nature. All across dynamic and diverse Asia.

Design Approach