An extensive open space network was part of HDB’s plan for the remarkable new Tampines North. A huge scale housing district with civic and retail components within a communal fabric. Our landscape concept expressed the district’s history of agriculture and mining within a reconstructed topography. The character of this open space proposal reinterpreted local history, community and ecology. The old sand quarries, lost kampongs and pre-existing native lowland Dipterocarp forest all offered rich sources for design.

Promoting a walkable environment, well connected pedestrian and cycle routes branch from a central green spine. The undulating angular landscape forms gave opportunities to incise pathways, play spaces alongside forested mounds addressing different scales, levels and connections between these external areas and many new precinct buildings. All along a central promenade of diverse landscape typologies on a continuum from ‘wild’ wetlands and boardwalks, ecological grasslands for events and gatherings, sports and recreational to tree lined urban plazas.


  • Conceptual landscape planning
  • Development of design narrative
  • Landscape visualisation


  • Urban centre hierarchy; plazas to promenades
  • Neighbourhood play programme
  • Extensive parkland and nature reserves
  • Softscape strategies