Harbourfront Identity

Keppel Harbour on the southern edge of Singapore has changed in character significantly over the years. The days of the forested coastline, fishing Kampongs with busy wharf-side trade have long gone. The coast has been transformed with cruise ships, containerized transportation and new developments, focused on retail and commercial activities. The Harbourfront area consists of a series of adjacent buildings and development sites which were fragmented and disconnected in  layout traffic and pedestrian circulation and landscape. The purpose of this master-planning exercise was to design a distinct identity for this multifarious commercial precinct. The brief called for the creation of positive character and distinctive identity of the physical street environment, pedestrian circulation, connections between transport and buildings, the open coastal  waterfront, open spaces and vacant land parcels. All of this had to take account of the phasing requirements, given that full development would be completed over a number of years.

Using the coastal location and maritime heritage as design influences, an Identity Masterplan was developed to establish strong visual and functional characters to the spaces and connections. Some of the land parcels were designed as temporary parks, repeating the pattern of streetscape planting to maintain visual identity during the build-out phasing. The waterfront open space, the true coastline featured large and dramatic palms in extensive drifts of rich, bronze coloured long grasses that move with the sea breezes. This historic harbour zone also reflected the early use of machinery on the wharf side and various industrial heritage artifacts were brought in and positioned as sculptural points of interest.


  • Master-planning
  • Conceptual Design (later phases design)


  • Urban Design
  • Civic Places 
  • Streetscapes