Wilkie Edge

Situated on the edge of a steeply sloping site within the Rochor district of Singapore the Wilkie Edge development is a mix of retail and commercial at lower levels and studio apartment styled residential on the higher floors. The challenge was to provide meaningful and durable planting to create a ‘landscape’ within very tightly defined courtyard spaces.

Responding to the requirements on this WOHA designed minimalist contemporary building ICN designed the soft landscape using a select and stylish palette of plants for each of the various programmed areas; retail, commercial and residential. To create the screening and background required to the ‘back of house’ and amenities area on the ground level we conceived and designed a layered system of plants that provided the vertical element of living green that transformed very constricted corridors to pleasant access spaces. On the commercial and residential areas the planting approach was to provide simply two levels, the small canopy trees to provide a ‘ceiling’ and a very low carpet of groundcovers that contrast in texture with the building facade. The tree species chosen are visually attractive, filtering light and creating shade patterns of rich texture and relaxing green within the court spaces of this development.

Professional Scope:Soft Landscape Design, Documentation and Works Inspections
Project Focus:Commercial Landscape